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Gardener’s Soap
Gardener’s soap 100 g. Contains calendula extract, known for its moisturising and soothing properties, allantoin known for its softening and calming qualities, apricot stone powder for its exfoliating action and organic shea butter for a touch of softness.
Workmen's Soap
Workmen's Soap 100 g. Contains ox gall, known to eliminate fat and grease stains on hands, olive stone powder for its exfoliating action, organic shea butter and organic olive oil for a touch of softness. Humidify and rub hands with workmen’s soap. Rinse off with clear water.

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      Body Milk with Organic Donkey Milk
      Body milk 250 ml with organic donkey milk. For centuries, donkey milk has been recognised for its many exceptional benefits. Its hydrating and regenerative properties come from is composition of minerals, fatty acids and vitamins. With its genuine and natural firming effect, donkey milk offers a gentle skin treatment. Thanks to a formula combining organic donkey milk and organic shea butter, this body milk respects the epidermis and leaves the skin beautifully smooth and delicately scented.
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