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ZA Les Laurons II
70 rue Félix Maurent 26110 Nyons - France
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Wellness: awakening the senses


A wide range of soaps: 
Pure Vegetable Soaps, Milk Soaps, Special Soaps, Marseille Soaps

Accompanied by some key accessories : 
Soap tins and Box Sets of 4 soaps

Clear highlights :

¤ Made in France
¤ Grasse fragrances
¤ Soaps enriched with organic shea butter & organic olive oil 
¤ Fulfil current regulations


Discover several ranges with specific benefits:

A range with organic ingredients: organic donkey milk and organic aloe vera.

A range of special care for the gardener and the chef with innovative and effective formulations. 

A scented range with organic shea butter: orange blossom and red fruits.

Clear highlights :

¤ Made in France
¤ Made with organic shea butter
¤ No parabens, no MIT, no phenoxyethanol, no silicone

Essential Oils and Electric Diffusers

Discover two ranges of essential oils: Organic and Conventional
Supplemented by a range of organic vegetable oils.

Then take full advantage of the benefits of essential oils thanks to the electric diffusers.
Pour a few drops of essential oils into your electric diffuser filled with water. The essential oils are dispersed in microparticles in the form of an aromatic mist absorbable by the respiratory tract.

New ! Discover the first essential oils guidebook by Galeo, written by Alina and Christophe Moyon, doctors in pharmacy! This book explains the origins of each oil and gives tips for use. 
Find Alina and Christophe Moyon on the website: 

Clear highlights :

¤ Organic ranges with Ecocert and AB organic certification
¤ 100% pure and natural essential oils
¤ Fulfil current regulations