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  • Natural Incense with Grasse Fragrances
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Fragrances: evocative of fantasy

Reed Diffusers

Enjoy a complete range of 6 perfumes from Grasse with varied themes! By capillarity or spray, enjoy an original and elegant fragrant atmosphere!

Clear highlights :

¤ Made in France
¤ 6 perfumes of Grasse covering the great olfactory families: botanical, gourmet, floral, exotic and fruity.
¤ High concentration of perfume
¤ Glass bottle with elegant and sleek design
¤ Refills sold with 10 rattan sticks for a complete kit

Scented Oils

Perfume your home with these scented oils from Grasse, real concentrates of perfume! Pour a few drops of the fragrant oil of your choice into the cup of your perfume-filled fragrance and enjoy this delicate scent.

Clear highlights :

¤ Made in France
¤ Grasse fragrances
¤ All-in-one box sets for immediate use


Incense Sticks & Cones: 60 key fragrances
Accompanied by incense holders made from various materials.

Also available for you to discover: Japanese incense box sets!
As it does not use a bamboo stick base, Japonese incense is fully burnt and so offers an unimpaired fragrance.

Clear highlights :

¤ Natural incense
¤ Grasse fragrances
¤ Burning time: up to 1 hr 30 for sticks and 45 min for cones

Granite Scented Candles

Discover a new range enriched with French perfumes, including 5 new ones: Vanilla, Tonka, Orchid, Fig, Lemon Verbena.

Clear highlights :

¤ French perfumes 
¤ Increased olfactory power 
¤ Individual packaging for better preservation of perfume and protection against dust 
¤ Lava stone finish